Imagine you've owned a small piece of property for a few years, one that is convenient enough to visit for a short while everyday. Imagine you've grown a small garden there, and maybe even built a second home. A funny, bubble-shaped home, but a home, nonetheless. You've had your friends over to visit, and they enjoyed it enough to purchase the neighboring pieces of land. So you see them when they're out and about, working or just hanging out on their own land.

Now imagine that a robotic probe lands nearby, dramatically increasing the value of your land.

Because, your land is on Mars. And, until now, you property has been entirely virtual. You've been developing your virtual Mars land, living in your virtual Mars home, and visiting with your friends in their virtual forms (their avatars). Now, however, the Mars Territory Quit Claim that you bought along with with your virtual Mars land, has some value. Because Mars Territory sent that lander, using the 10% of all its revenue that it dedicates to Mars and space exploration and settlement. It's now possible Mars Territory could claim land on Mars, and your Quit Claim gives you ownership of the real Mars property associated with the virtual Mars land you've been playing with.

This is Mars Territory's goal: to create Mars property ownership experiences, both virtual and real, and to use the funds to stake real claims on Mars land.

...dedicated to settling Mars by selling Mars

Mars Territory LLC